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Our yoga classes are suitable for all abilities, ages and genders with a focus on connecting the mind and body. Each class consists of a variety of postures to help increase strength, mobility and flexibility. We also incorporate breath work and meditation styles in the practise. Book your session using the booking tab or see below for a more detailed description of what we offer. Please get in touch via email if you have any further questions.

Group Class

Small Groups

1-2-1 Sessions

Weekly classes suitable for all levels; whether it's your first yoga class or you have been practising for years. These classes are a great opportunity to get moving, be a part of a community, learn and have fun together. The classes are designed to increase general strength, mobility and flexibility. See below for timings and locations of group classes. 

A great option for a few friends, family members or colleagues who want a more personalised, in depth practise. These sessions can be modified according to ability and individual goals. A smaller group allows for more targeted adjustments and instructor assistance. These sessions can take place in the comfort of your home, the studio or outdoors.

Private classes allow you to receive tailor made session plans for your needs and goals. This sessions will ensure you learn correct alignment for all postures with a hands on, in depth experience. 1-2-1 classes can take place in your own home, in a studio or outdoors!

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