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F I N D  B A L A N C E

Offering a range of yoga, dance and fitness classes in Exeter for all ages and abilities. Further information about classes on relevant pages, as well as pricing plans and packages.


"After years of dabbling in various yoga classes around Exeter, I've finally found the perfect class/teacher for me. Yoga with Rosie is fun, relaxing and challenging - you'd think the three wouldn't work together but trust me, they do! Rosie is approachable, supportive, friendly and the most excellent teacher with a wealth of knowledge when it comes to yoga, fitness, dance and general well-being. I look forward to every single yoga session with Rosie and always leave feeling revitalised."


"I was really unconvinced of the benefits of yoga until I tried Rosie's class, but now I will never look back! The classes are so relaxing and you really feel you've done your body good at the end of them, and Rosie is a fantastic teacher - always explaining steps thoroughly and letting you know where and how you should be feeling so you know you're doing the movements correctly. I would recommend Rosie as a yoga teacher to anyone, whatever their yoga ability!"


"I've recently had a baby and needed something to regain strength and stretch out my tight and tired muscles hence why turning to yoga. Rosie's approach to teaching is wonderful. She creates a safe and welcoming environment and I walk out of each class feeling like a new woman. Rosie is very knowledgeable and passionate about the practise and will help you adjust your poses if you wish. I couldn't recommend Rosie enough!"


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